Rainbow Six Siege Updating Three Operators In Its Mid-Season Update

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by Dante

Rainbow Six Siege gets steady game updates and balance changes to keep the game as fair as possible. Mid-Season Reinforcements will bring some pretty big changes to three Operators, but that’s not all, as we’re also getting new gadgets and attachments, some balance changes, some weapons, and of course, a heap of bug fixes.


The first Operator we’ll be talking about is Twitch. She’s a much bigger threat in the Preparation Phase as she can now deploy a fully functional shock drone, which is much better than a normal drone. The shock sessions won’t stop there, as a second shock drone can be deployed during the match, while not destroying the first one she placed. The shock drone itself also got some buffs, as it’s much quieter, faster and its darts will travel farther than before.


Next up is Doc and his stim pistol. The biggest and most needed change to his stim pistol is that it can now heal allies who are not downed .Each of his darts will restore 40HP, and you can even overheal teammates to 120HP, giving them that extra chance of survival. Just remember that any points over 100 HP slowly decrease over time.


The third operator that got changed is Blackbeard. He now has not one, but two shields! But instead of having 800 HP, they both have 150 HP. You can switch between the shields by manually unequipping and equipping them. There’s also a tiny indicator on the screen that will you show the remaining durability of the shields. Blackbeard was a bit too powerful, so this shield change should tone him down a bit.

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