MMO Outfits: 10 Ugliest Designs

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In the course of this list, we will attempt to present some of the worst-looking outfits that players have to endure in current and older MMO games.

We often bump into designs in the aforementioned gaming industry that look so disappointing that we can hardly find a possible explanation to why developers decided to let them be.

10. World of Warcraft Tier 2 Warrior Armor

Tier 2 Warrior


The iconic armor set from World of Warcraft’s initial raids is highly sought after, but in fact, so ugly that one would rather go raiding naked than wearing this awfully designed plate armor. The shoulder pieces are acceptable to a degree that at least they look better than the actual helm, called Helm of Wrath, which makes our characters look like some sort of Tinman that has mated with a mutated fish. The Breastplate of Wrath part of the Tier 2 set is simple and Alliance-colored, but it can actually be used for some Transmogrification sets even though there are some far better choices. The Legplates of Wrath is insignificant in looks and continues the blue and gold design that is outdated and boring to look at. Nevertheless, people still strive to get this Transmog set in World of Warcraft which can be obtained from Blackwing Lair and Molten Core, according to Icy Veins.

9. The Elder Scrolls Online Akaviri Armor



The Elder Scrolls Online is generally not the best MMORPG for outstanding outfits, but the Akaviri Armor set was a stunning mistake to say the least. Of course, this Samurai-themed armor set was bound to appear eventually in the Elder Scrolls Online, as similar-looking outfits were present in Skyrim. The Akaviri Armor can be obtained through PvP-ing via Cyrodiil but you really should not get too excited about getting this bizarrely boring and outrageously ugly armor set that lacks both colors and any sense of complex design. The Akaviri Armor comes in three versions that can be identified as bad, worse and worst. Bad goes for the Light armor set which still looks really disgusting, but at least, the facemask compensates slightly. The Medium armor version is already getting close to being called hideous title, with colors that remind us of baby poop and vague attempts of Asian motives that really do not come out well. The Heavy Armor is indeed the worst of the three and looks as if it was rusty and overused.

8. Star Wars: The Old Republic Noble Commander’s Armor Set

noble commanders

Star Wars: The Old Republic brings a large variety of armor sets and purchasable remodels, but there is one particular armor set that can easily ruin one’s appetite, and that is the Noble Commander’s Armor Set that was introduced back in 2012. Looking at the amorph helmet, that could easily be used to define ugliness itself and makes us look like a flower bouquet, the oversized cape perfectly matches the overall bizarre and painful-to-look-at image. The rest of the Noble Commander’s Armor set is relatively insignificant and I would define it as simply boring. The biggest surprise related to this charming set is that you actually had to buy this from the in-game store for real money!

7. Aion Level 50 Elyos PvP Plate Armor Set

aion plate


Aion is great in terms of armor remodeling possibilities, but every system can hold flaws and the Korean MMORPG from NCSoft is not an exception. In case you feel the urge to have awkward jellies sticking out of your shoulders then the Level 50 Elyos-faction PvP plate armor set is the right choice for you. And if the jellies weren’t enough, you also get a ridiculously oversized pair of boots for the male version that looks so ugly that I would possibly feel the need to switch off the monitor upon stumbling into a person who actually decided to wear them. This weak excuse for a plate armor can still be obtained via Abyss Points, but it should be your last choice for spending the hard-earned PvP currency.  The rest of the armor set is acceptable but only up to a point where you are forced to wear it.  The Asmodian version of the level 50 PvP plate armor is slightly better, but there is no way it can be described using a positive word.

6. Neverwinter Gilded Moonstone Regalia

GildedMoonstoneRegaliaMaleSo far we have seen some great examples of what not to do when designing outfits for MMOs, and here is one of the biggest fails of cosmetics that an MMO publisher can implement. Gilded Moonstone Regalia set came along with the Hero of the North pack, but I sincerely doubt any sane person would feel great playing a character that wears it. Additionally, the hilariously ugly outfit comes with  an even worse mask that makes you look like a peacock with a bad hangover.  One might argue that the female version is slightly better than the male version of the Gilded Moonstone Regalia, but it is actually similarly grotesque.  What a great present to include with a pack purchased with real money, right?

5. Final Fantasy XIV Heavy Darklight Armor


Final Fantasy XIV undoubtedly has some of the best-looking armor designs in the current MMO industry, but there is one particular heavy armor set that makes you look like a can of baked beans. When equipping the Heavy Darklight Armor set, the character ceases to have an actual neck, as the chest piece and the helmet are only wearable together and you become a huge metal lump who should not be allowed to leave the house, even at night when hopefully no one can see. The heavy armor set can luckily be remodeled to something far more pleasing, and that would not be a hard task, as anything is better than the Heavy Darklight Armor.

4. Rift Level 50 Defiant Raid Plate Set


Plate armor sets in MMORPGs usually end up as extremely good or outrageously awful. Rift decided to choose the second possible outcome with this Level 50 Defiant Raid Plate set that would actually be acceptable if the helmet and shoulder piece would never have existed. The helmet evidently looks poorly designed from the front, but if you look from behind it looks like an April Fool’s Day hoax. The shoulder piece must have been accidentally doubled in size, or if this is the intentional look then someone forgot their glasses at home. Luckily, Rift holds the possibility to alter the looks of items, so no one is in danger of having to wear this disappointing plate armor set.

3. World of Warcraft Conqueror’s Battlegear Plate Set

image: wowmogging

The Conqueror’s Battlegear armor set from the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj is one of the biggest troll armor sets that exist in the MMORPG industry. It is so ugly that people probably wear it on their characters to get people to laugh, or else something has gone terribly wrong. The characteristic that ruins the armor set the most is the ugliest shade of purple that could possibly have been chosen by the designer. The whole set follows this purple motive that should have been apologized for, right after its release. If you want to achieve the greatest comical appearance, wear it on a Tauren and you can easily win an ugliness contest. The ugliest part of the set is clearly the Conqueror’s Spaulders, the shoulder piece, followed by the helmet, the Conqueror’s Crown that will only get you to be the king of repulsiveness.

2. Guild Wars Warrior Elite Dragon Armor

283px-Warrior_Elite_Dragon_armor_mThe Warrior Elite Dragon Armor found in Guild Wars is a truly disgusting set and I was being diplomatic there. It clearly looks as if someone stuck together branches and a few claws with some cow dung and then waited a few years for it to harden. It is understandable that the creators were limited by the graphics of Guild Wars but even after taking that in consideration, it still seems paranormal that ArenaNet allowed the implementation of this monstrosity. So, if you really want to ruin someone’s day or troll around, the Warrior Elite Dragon Armor set is the best choice in Guild Wars to upset someone’s stomach. Yet for some inexplicable reason, players of Guild Wars actually liked the looks of the horrid armor set.

1. EverQuest 2 Threadbare Tier 1 Common Set


EverQuest 2 has managed to bring the armor set that ended up as first on this list, and most would probably not argue this decision. It seems stunning that someone actually thought this was going to work. The Threadbare Tier 1 Common set basically looks like our character decided to wear some kitchen tiles. It is one of the ugliest piece of armor that can ever be found in MMORPGs so far. It is hard to tell whether this was intentionally created to be this bad or it was something that the designers never wanted players to wear. Another question also arises when looking at this “masterpiece”. If the developers spent time on creating this armor set, why did they not complete the beige version with gloves and a helm? The so-called Tier 1 Common set must truly be an uncommon sight in EverQuest 2. And if you were wondering whether the looks get any better with the later tiers, they do not. It really gets one to wonder that when game developers include such disastrous creations in their game, who are they possibly aiming to please?

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