Puzzler-RPG BloodGate on Steam Early Access!

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featimg00If you’re going through the BloodGate, tread carefully. Make sure you have a strong arm, your wits about you and a little bit of luck on your side- you’ll probably need it.


Steam Early Access has now made available Outsmart‘s new Puzzle-RPG game, BloodGate. Players will be able to fight enemies in the game using mechanics so familiar and approachable, but with such awesome presentation that even casual players might see this as a worthy step up from their usual time-wasters.

bg03It’s in the execution that this game shines. The art is terrific and the baddies look pretty messed up- enough to actually warrant some semblance of adrenaline during a puzzler. Rune-matching effectively becomes a way of combat, with the action happening in real time.

It’s clearly an RPG as well as a puzzler, and players can feel the progression of their character through experience and customization. There is also an upgrade system for weapons and armor. Those who love character progression, like I do personally, have a place here.

Even in Early Access, the game already has a lot of content available, including dungeons to raid, loot to collect and bosses to defeat. The game world is pretty diverse, with a variety of different environments to travel across while puzzling opponents to death.


Catch BloodGate on Steam Early Access and read more detailed information about the game here!

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