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A Puzzle Game Set On Jupiter’s moon: The Turing Test

Ava Turing, an engineer for the International Space Agency (ISA), is trying to reveal the cause behind the strange disappearance of the ground crew stationed that was there.


As the player, you assume the role of Ava, and immediately upon your arrival, a series of puzzles is waiting for you to solve them. The puzzles are tests which are only solvable by humans, at least that’s according to the station’s AI called Tom. These puzzles were apparently set there by the ground crew that went missing: Strange, why would the create them and why did they keep them a secret? Well, it’s your job to find out!


The evolving story will be based on man’s primal need to explore and to protect and survive. As you go deeper into Europa’s frozen core you will discover that the line between man and machine is beginning to blur. Your weapon of choice is the Energy Manipulation Tool (or EMT), you will use that to solve the puzzles and learn the true cost of one’s morals.trnt2

In short, The Turing Test is a really nice puzzle game with pretty graphics and, while it is short on the story, it’s enough to keep you interested about the missing ground crew, that suddenly disappeared from Europa.

Written by Dante

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