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Prime Arena Combines MOBA And Survival Elements

What is a rather weird combination of genres that you would never think about? Most of you would probably never take a MOBA game and put survival elements in it. But, that didn’t stop Nival, the developer of Prime Arena, to combine these elements and make the game. The most important part of this game is that it lets the player win the game by using just his or her own skills.

Prime Arena

What makes other MOBA games somewhat frustrating is the fact that you have to rely on other players, your teammates, to help you win the game, and that also means that their mistakes can lose you the game. But you don’t need to rely on anyone in Prime Arena, as your victory depends solely on your skills and reaction speed. Basically, you can team up and play with others, but the lone wolf approach is probably the best option, as in the end, there can only be one victor. It is a free-for-all that rewards tactical thinking and fast reaction speed, and of course, your skill.

Prime Arena

Prime Arena, was inspired by PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, and it also has a map that decreases in size over time, so naturally, the gameplay gets more and more intense as time goes on. Another feature is the fact that once you die, you can just start a new match. There are currently 20 heroes in Prime Arena, but that number will definitely grow over time. The game hasn’t even been released, as it’s coming this fall.

Prime Arena is a MOBA that you want to keep an eye on, as it combines genres that aren’t usually put together.




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