Portal Knights Update 1.2 Coming October 16th

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Portal Knights is a massive open world action RPG currently on Steam and consoles that allows you to craft not only your character but the items and weapons you take with you through the worlds. That’s right, worlds, and in fact, they’re procedurally generated worlds that you can go to, ensuring that every adventure is a different one. Add that to combat that is fast yet tactical and you’ve an action RPG that is just begging to be tried out. And with the new update, the game will get even better.

As noted on the Steam Page, Portal Knights will be getting Update 1.2 on the 16th. This update is made to help make the game not only bigger but even more enjoyable. For example, islands are going to be a big focus with this update. There are going to be brand new islands for you to explore and build on, while others are reworked for you to explore and relearn.

Portal Knights

But of course, that’s not all, you’ll get to be a part of all new bosses via quests, there’s going to be new events happening to the world as well, one of which is an invasion event. Throw in new weapons, new items, new cosmetics, and this update has it all.

Portal Knights new updates are bringing in many visual changes, even making the textures of dirt improved. Also, new lighting, new plants, and other small touches that make the islands pop even more. Speaking of which, you’ll also now have the option to buy your own “blank slate” island for you to design how you wish.

You can also expect a new survey for you to weigh in on the new changes and also suggest further improvements.

The update is scheduled for the 16th on Steam, while the consoles launch date is unknown. But, the team is hoping for an October launch for it.

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