POLYCRUSHER Now Available on Steam

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by Adi

POLYCRUSHER is a brand new action co-op shooter, developed by Atomic Pond Studios and published by Broken Rules, that combines wacky characters and flashy multiplayer gameplay to make a unique and fun game. The publisher and developer of this game have hardly any titles but this might be the first game that earns them some recognition to their name.


In POLYCRUSHER, the objective is to clear infinite waves of angry and lunatic enemies as well as an angry robot chicken with a variety of characters that have their own unique playstyle and skillset. Create tactics to strategically clear waves or just spastically shoot around yourself, anything works really.

The most interesting features as follows;

  • 7 unique characters
  • Levels with all kind of designs and opponents
  • Online high score
  • Explosive and Laser weapons
  • Smartphone instead of a controller

What I want to mention is the unique smartphone experience. To use your smartphone as a controller, simply install the POLYCRUSHER app on your iOS or Android device and you will be able to control your character by using your mobile device and a wireless network connection.

If you are up for the challenge or are interested in more info, be sure to visit the game on Steam.

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