A new Pokemon Sun & Moon gameplay trailer has been released, which can only mean one thing: more information about the games!

Pokemon Sun & Moon - Logo

First, three new Pokemon, Pikipek, Yungoos, and Grubbin, have been revealed.


Pokemon Sun & Moon - Pikipek

Type – Normal/Flying

Ability – Keen Eye or Skill Link


Pokemon Sun & Moon - Yungoos

Type – Normal

Ability – Stakeout or Strong Jaw


Pokemon Sun & Moon - Grubbin

Type – Bug

Ability – Swarm

Second, more insight has been given about Magearna, the new robotic Mythical Pokemon.


Pokemon Sun & Moon - Magearna

Type – Steel/Fairy

Ability – Soul-Heart

Magearna has a unique ability called Soul-Heart. Based on the trailer, Soul-Heart activates when one of Magearna’s allied Pokemon faints beside her. Successful activation of Soul-Heart will increase Magearna’s Special Attack. It’s worth mentioning that the ability appears to only be useful in double or triple battles. Alongside her exclusive ability is an equally exclusive move: Fleur Cannon. Not much can be concluded about the move, but knowing of its existence is a step forward.

Third, a new 4-player free-for-all mode known as Battle Royal was also revealed.

Pokemon Sun & Moon - Battle Royal

While the mode will most likely not be played competitively, it can be an enjoyable experience for multiple friends to engage in.

Be sure to watch the trailer for yourself to see the new Pokemon and game mode in actions:

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