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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Major Pokedex Leak

If you’ve been following the most popular RPG series in games, you probably already know that there have been some leaks of information in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The demo released in Europe yesterday was an all-time low for the game, as data within the game revealed most of the Pokedex for the Alola region.

If you’re interested in seeing most of this stuff for yourself when the game comes out, now is probably a good time to turn back. We’re about to start delving into some of the revealed content.





starter-pokemonFirst and foremost, we have the final evolution stages for the starter Pokemon. They look pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.

Some more data mining found what may be one of the most interesting occurrences in franchise history. These new rare Pokemon called Ultra Beasts don’t quite fit the appearances of your average Pokemon. A lot of people are speculating whether or not they are even of the same planet, or if they’re aliens. They wouldn’t be the first alien Pokemon, as Deoxys is often associated with space.

It would also appear based on the pokedex information that Alolan forms will only be given to Pokemon from the first generation.

Pokemon Sun and Moon demos are available in Europe and North America.

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