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Pokemon Go Leaving Beta

Pokemon-GO-ProblemsLast year, the world got extremely excited when Pokemon Go was announced. The mobile game that will incorporate the world around us was something we could only dream about.

And now, the game that was in the beta is steadily coming to the public. For now, the game is available in North America where you can download it from the Google Play. Additionally, if you live in Australia and New Zealand, you can check it out in the iPhone App Store .

For those lucky ones that have the privilege to try it out we have some useful tips and tricks that might help you become a great trainer.

pokemon-go-nick_statt-screenshots-1.0By now, you all have that one Pokemon that’s your favorite and you want it badly. To find it and catch it in this vast world could be a problem if you don’t know where to go. So keep in mind that they are usually tied to the location and environment that suites them the most. It all depends on the type you are looking for.


For all those who are in the game to be the best and become Pokemon Champion, you should know that Pokemon gyms can be found at historical and artistic landmarks. So, you better do the proper research before your next visit to the museum.

Now, the most important thing we all want to know is the evolution system in this game. Those people who played Pokemon games know that leveling up your Pokemon will unlock the evolution, but this game is different. Every Pokemon you catch comes with one Evolution Shard. In order to evolve your little friend, you must gather enough Evolution Shards. This means that you will have to catch a bunch of Pokemon before you can actually evolve any of them. Even though this sounds great, the only problem is that you need to pokemongofeatcatch the same Pokemon. So, if you want to own a Raichu you need to catch 15 Pikachus.

If you are wondering where the hell will you store all these Pikachus, you can join the club. As far as we know, there will be a limit to the number of Pokemon you can own, but for now, it is not clear. The good thing is that after you used Evolution Shards you can simply release all the ones that you, basically, don’t need.

So, that’s all for now. As the game progresses, we will try to keep up with it and bring you more tips and tricks. Have you already tried the game? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.



Written by Alastor

Alastor is a passionate journalist and hellishly good gamer. He is dedicated writer and will always stay true when writing about games. Feared by many developers due to his loud and detailed reviews that might not be all nice and polite. He will tell you what it is and how it is. So, if he says you should try this game, you be sure to do so, because it will probably be really good.

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