Pokemon Go Launched In Japan Today

Mustapha R. Price
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Pokemon Go has shaken the world of mobile gaming in its brief existence. It has become the highest grossing mobile title on numerous platforms, and has even doubled Nintendo’s stock. In spite of this, the launch in Japan did see a bit of delay. This was due to server demand, and the issues being had in the US and Europe. Niantic wanted to ensure that when Japanese players got their hands on the game, they’d be able to play with little to no interruption.

pokemon-go-pokestopSince the launch of the Japanese version of the game, mere hours ago, it has become the most downloaded game on the App Store. The launch has already broken an iTunes record, having the most downloads during a launch week in history.

If you haven’t given Pokemon Go a chance yet, there’s no time better than now to give it a try. You may find common interest with strangers.

We actually have an MMOExamined article about the game on the site. Check it out here!

For any further inquiries, wait no further and take the leap. This is a game you’ll understand best just by playing it. Hopefully, this will continue the wave of Nintendo IPs as mobile titles.

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