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Pokemon GO Got Updated

Pokemon-Go-2The long awaited update for Pokemon Go has finally arrived and fans have eagerly jumped into the game to find out what was changed, fixed, tweaked and repaired. Will this finally be the end of the game freezing when capturing Pokémon, will this be the day the famous “three step bug” is corrected or, are servers finally working as they should?

Unfortunately, it seems that the last update was a false alarm since it doesn’t change or fix anything. Yet again Niantic is playing with our nerves, and we ask ourselves only one thing. How long will they do this?

The only change that this update brings is the correction of minor text issue that showed when capturing Magikarp.


All in all, the only thing that remains is to sit tight and wait together with other 21 million active daily players. Let’s hope the wait won’t last longer than our patience, because no matter how good the game is, it depends on the player base. And from what we’ve seen, people are becoming restless. Hopefully, Niantic will roll up sleeves and get to work, because there are a ton of issues that make our daily activities in the game a living hell.

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