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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PC Test 1.0 On Now

Despite the overwhelming success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, there is still one undeniable truth about the game…it’s not finished. In fact, it’s still in Steam Early Access, and when it arrives on Xbox One, it won’t be the full game just yet, but rather, a part of Xbox Preview. However, the team has been working hard on getting the game to a point where it’ll be very close to launch point. To that end, the team at Bluehole have launched the 1.0 test for the PC version of the game.

This “test server” is meant to see how the latest updates work, or better yet, if they work at all. Furthermore, as noted on Steam, other additions to the game have been made to expand the experience that you can have in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. For example, players can now vault and climb in the game. Which no doubt will have major implications in the gameplay aspects of the title.

PST: November 13th 06:00 PM – November 14th 06:00 PM
CET: November 14th 03:00 AM – November 15th 03:00 AM
KST: November 14th 11:00 AM – November 15th 11:00 AM


Another major update is the ballistics for the game. They’ve added elements to the bullets and guns themselves to make them much more accurate in terms of how they relate to their in real life counterparts. For example, bullet drop has now been accounted for. Also, the accuracy of bullets has been tweaked. More changes may be on the way, so stay tuned for that.

Because of the importance of this test server, Redditors have already set up a megathread to talk about their issues that they are having in the game.

While many do note that there are plusses to what’s been changed, a lot of people are having issues with the game. And some aren’t even able to play it. A big thing that many people have noted is that the optimization doesn’t feel right at all. Many have also had crashes happen to them in the games themselves. Some have even died impossible deaths.

But, one must remember, this is a test. One that’s actually ending today for now. Bluehole will take all the notes and suggestions you give and try to make it better.

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