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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Coming to Xbox One Mid-November?

We are all fully aware of the dizzying heights of success that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has reached so far, even at such an early stage. But there is still a lingering question that still remains; when will the game make its way onto Xbox One? Here is what we know so far.

We now understand that the title for PUBG will be extended to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: The Ultimate Life and Death Fight, which was confirmed by a listing on the Australian ratings classification page, though we are likely to continue to refer to it by its previous abbreviation.

As developers Bluehole continue to work hard towards bringing the official launch to both PC and Xbox One, we are still rather in the dark on when it will be reaching the latter platform. Looking at the evidence presented to us so far, it is looking like we will be seeing the game on the Microsoft console sometime in mid to late November.

This is based on the team announcing that they will be introducing features such as climbing and vaulting, which will undoubtedly play a major part in how the game is played. According to a statement from the developers, this work will take at least a month to come to fruition:

“there will be features like vaulting and climbing which will have a huge impact on the game and need to be tested for at least a month.”

We also have the release of the Xbox One X coming early on in November, and with Microsoft keen to keep PUBG as an exclusive to the console for as long as possible, plus talks rumored to be taking place to extend the exclusivity agreement, it is likely we will see PUBG landing sometime very shortly after the enhanced console’s launch.

It would make perfect sense for PUBG to be a launch title and a selling point for the Xbox One X, even in the current state that would see it in the game preview program. With exclusive titles such as Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves not coming until 2018, it seems as if PUBG might be the ace up Microsoft’s sleeve as far as the launch of the Xbox One X is concerned.

If testing these features will take a month or so, plus factoring in the launch of the Xbox One X and the desire for the game to be released on the platform before the end of the year, it’s looking like we will be finally seeing the latest gaming sensation on Xbox One halfway through next month.

Written by Ham

Ham is a video games journalist, musician and a rookie Twitch streamer. Playing everything from 2D platformers to MMORPGs, Ham enjoys bringing news from all forms of games to the masses. Favourite game series’ include Dark Souls, Diablo, Grand Theft Auto and Borderlands.

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  1. You titling this article for mid-November has to be a joke right and not just bad journalism?
    Directly from the Dev Blog 4 Days ago:
    “You will be able to try out vaulting & climbing first in late October or early November” “The content and features that will be in test servers need to be tested for at least 2 to 4 weeks.”

    They needed to extend the time frame for just a learderboard refresh by 4 days. No way in hell they are going to be ready by mid-November……but you got my click-bait view so I guess you win.

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