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Player Details Destiny 2 Network System

With gaming today, the online component (should a game have one) is very important. But more than that, depending on the complexity of the mode, you may need to have special servers and such to make sure that the game can run smoothly, or even house certain numbers of players to make sure the game doesn’t crash, is laggy, or something else. For the upcoming Destiny 2, Bungie is going to some good lengths to make sure the game is stable and runs well, and one fan has taken notice of that.

Reddit user nessus42 took the time to post how different the Destiny 2 Networking System was from the original, and he makes some pretty interesting notes on his page. First, the game will have three different sets of server, just like with the original. However, unlike the original, all three will have Bungie’s Cloud on it. He notes that this means that Bungie “spent the big bucks” to ensure quality.

Destiny 2

For those wanting dedicated PVP servers, it appears you will not be getting your wish. Though the servers will be powerful enough to handle PVP on grand scales, they will not be “dedicated” to solely that. That could change before the game is launched, but as of now, it’s not likely to happen. However, he also notes that the improvements that have been made could improve how PVP and Raids are viewed and handled.

Bungie appears to be wanting to make sure that every aspect of Destiny 2 is handled well, especially how the online functions. Whether this pleases all fans remains to be seen, there’s still a lot of things fans want from the sequel that is unclear at present if they’ll get it.

Destiny 2 arrives on console September 6th.


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