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Play Kritika And Earn A TERA Mount

For all of you fans of brawlers, there is a game out there with amazing anime graphics, intense combat, and lots of action. There is even a reward for you if you’re also a TERA player, as there is an event going on right now that awards players that reach a specific level in Kritika with cool mounts. The event lasts from August 17 to August 31 11:59 p.m. PDT, so you have plenty of time to level up your character and get yourself an awesome reward!


The event is actually pretty simple, and it has two parts, one is leveling up any Kritika Online character to level 20 to earn Lady, and awesome spirit wolf, that’s also pink. This ground mount looks quite cool, as you don’t see a lot of pink wolves running around the place, and it also has a movement speed of 280.

The other part of this event is hitting level 60, but with a new Kritika Online character. If you manage to hit level 60 with a new character in only two weeks, you will get Ladylove, another pink spirit wolf with the same movement speed as Lady, but this mount also restores 1% of both your HP and MP each second, which comes in handy when you’re low on life and also escaping a dangerous situation.

There are some rules to this event, of course, but you can read more about them on the game’s official post. This is a great opportunity for Kritika players as well as TERA players, so get to business and start leveling up!

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