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Planetside 1- Server Shutdown

Not all news is good news as we recently found out that Sony Online Entertainment is shutting down it’s PlanetSide 1 server. Even though it’s quite an old game, released back in 2003 a lot of people still play it. The reason why it’s still being played is its scale. Most of the shooters in that time took place on a small map with a handful of players. PlanetSide, on the other hand, had huge battles with hundreds of players on humongous maps. Another part of its uniqueness is that it had 3 factions fighting each other instead of two.


The video above showcases the hectic futuristic slaughter that made this game so popular. Players had a choice of which class they could take, and the classes were quite diverse. Cooperation and teamwork mean everything, as there are essentially 3 armies fighting each other and strategy, is key. Few games like this exist in the world. By that, we mean MMOFPS games and PlanetSide is one of them. People still play it to this day, some out of nostalgia, some because the sequel is not quite as the original.  Even if the graphics are not up to par with the sequel.planetside 1 and 2 comparisonEvery now and then an MMO shuts down and it’s sad to see them go. Especially something as iconic as PlanetSide. People who play these types of games don’t have a lot of substitutions except the sequel. Not a lot of choice but the sequel isn’t so shabby either! Still PlanetSide had a large community and it’s sad to see it go after all these years. The exact time of the shutdown is on July 1st, at 4:00 PM PT. We hope that it gets a grand farewell that it deserves!

Link to the news here!


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