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Planet Nomads Out On Steam Early Access, Version 0.61 Notes

Planet Nomads is finally out on Steam Early Access and along with the release comes the update notes of the first version of the game, version 0.61. The notes were announced over at Steam and details a variety of changes and fixes.

Planet Nomads

First off, let’s talk about the game and what it’s about. Planet Nomads is an indie sci-fi survival game developed and published by Craneballs set on the surface of alien planets. You take the role of a lone astronaut that survived a crash, stranded on a planet you don’t know anything about. You have no other option but to survive by finding resources in order to satisfy your basic needs such as hunger and thirst. After securing those two most important resources, you strive to do more advanced activities like working on buildings and discovering technology in order to get out of this deserted place. Surviving won’t be easy on such a planet as you could starve, freeze, be poisoned, or eaten alive. There’s also some dangerous radiation, and exposure would lead to your certain demise.

planet nomads

Balance changes are the first thing mentioned in the notes. The devs made the beginning of the game a bit easier due to players experiencing difficulties gathering resources and surviving at the very start. The amount of food and drink that you get as a starter was increased, which will ensure a safe starting point for players. A new feature that wakes up players once any of their attributes have fallen to 30 has been implemented. More important loot can be found in animal nests. All of these changes will certainly help throughout your first steps on the planet. Other changes include small tweaks and bug fixes.

planet nomads

Craneballs announced via the notes that this will be the last version that includes saves being completely wiped off. This has been a problem for some time now and the devs are working hard on fixing it as soon as possible. They also thanked the many Alpha players that helped out the team find bugs and balance issues which they worked on fixing, and encourage anyone that encounters similar complications to visit the forums and report it. For more info about the 0.61 version notes, visit the announcement on Steam

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