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Planet Nomads Hotfixes Spawn Issues and More

Planet Nomads is a sci-fi sandbox game that was recently released on Steam and is currently in Early Access. In the game, you play as an astronaut that survived a crash set on the surface of a random planet. You have nothing left except the will to survive while trying to find edible food and drinkable water. From that point on your journey for survival beings.

Every Early Access game is in Early Access for a reason and obviously, issues like these are why Planet Nomads needs to be in this state for now. Planet Nomads is a huge sandbox game that consists of many components and elements of survival, and that all but guarantees it will have a few bugs here and there, at least for the period that the game spends in the Early Access state. So of course, the community has reported plenty of issues and bugs which the developers hotfixed quickly.

Planet Nomads

One of those bugs is spawning in the ground and space which was included in the hotfix 0.6.8. Besides this, the developers fixed dense fog, instant attributes drops, and the issue where the players weren’t able to mine with the multi-tool and more.

Planet Nomads

The devs of Planet Nomads are blaming the newest script that they implemented so players can change the language. They forgot that some languages use commas instead of dots in decimal numbers. Thus, the switch influenced these bugs such as randomly spawning in the middle of space and creating a fog that’s a bit too dense. For more about the hotfix, visit the official announcement over at Steam.

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