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Phoenix1 Secures Spot in League of Legends NA Semi-Finals

The first day of the League of Legends NA LCS Playoffs ended well for Phoenix1, who scored a clean 3-0 sweep over Team Dignitas in the first match of the quarterfinals. Phoenix1 can now pack their bags and head to Vancouver, where they will have to face Cloud9 in the Semi-Finals.

League of Legends NA LCS Spring Split Playoffs

After a rough start to their split, Team Dignitas had been playing from behind for a long time. The final weeks of the NA LCS Spring Split 2017 had Team Dignitas, FlyQuest, and Immortals all neck and neck for the last two spots in the playoffs. It would be Immortals that would fall just short of qualifying, but the playoff run for Team Dignitas has ended on day one.

league of legends
Split’s best ADC + good luck duck = gg, image via Twitter

While both teams looked clean in game one, and it seemed like fans might be in for a five game series, Phoenix1 completely blew Team Dignitas away in game two. Starting Inori may have drawn some confusion from Meteos fans, but the jungler proved up to the challenge presented by Chaser and the rest of Team Dignitas. And while Arrow continued his track record for notably strong performance as an AD Carry, it was Ryu, the Phoenix1 mid-laner, that was able to scale quickly, make plays, and obliterate Dignitas in late game team fights.

But the struggle will continue, as Phoenix1 will face Cloud0 in the semi-finals next week in Vancouver. Tune in tomorrow to see FlyQuest against against Counter Logic Gaming. The winner of that game will have the tall task of taking down TSM if they want to advance all the way to finals. As always, the matches will stream live via Twitch, with tomorrow’s best of 5 match set to begin at 12:00PM PDT.

league of legends
Tomorrow’s match up, image via Twitter

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