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Phantom – The Soul Stone Files Enters Last Week On Kickstarter

Kickstarter is truly a great place for games of all shapes, sizes, styles, and storylines to be born. Or at least, try to be born. The site allows a lot of freedom in regards to projects you can post, and through that, some very original games have been made. One that is desiring to be made is a sandbox survival game called Phantom – The Soul Stone Files. This game is entering its last week on Kickstarter very soon, and thus we’d like to show you why you might want to support it.

First, something that sets Phantom apart right away is that you play as a robot instead of a human being. But it’s not as simple as that. For you see, a long time ago, the Earth began to die. Its magnetic fields were fading, and because of that, the world was doomed. Fearing what would happen to the planet, the people of Earth came up with an idea to “store” their souls into stones that would survive whatever happened.

These were called the Soul Stones, and they did indeed survive when the world ended more-or-less. After a time, the souls began to be reborn, but this time with mechanical bodies. Now, with new forms, reborn souls, and a planet waiting to be remade, you are thrust out into this new Earth to help begin a new age.

But in Phantom, that’s easier said than done. For after you make your character to inhabit your soul. which you can actually customize to look the way you want (the robot, not the soul) you’ll have to go and try to rebuild. Which sounds easy, until you realize that your Phantom has a battery that has a limited lifespan. So no matter what you do, you’ll need to keep an eye on it, else you’ll die.

As long as you do though, you’ll be able to explore a vast world, collect materials, and build things based on real-world physics, adding some unexpected realism to the game.

Phantom – The Soul Stone Files is seeking $20,000. If this title sounds like something you’d want to play, consider pledging to it.

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