Peter Parker Is Back In Black!

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by Dante

Before you read this article, remember, it contains spoilers for Spider-Man/Deadpool #8 !


Ok, now that you’ve been warned, let’s talk about Peter Parker and how he got his new suit. In the storyline of Spider-Man/Deadpool, Deadpool killed Peter Parker and then he brought him back to life. While he was dead, Peter had a brief encounter with Mephisto. So what happened? Well, this issue shows us that Peter may be remembering Mephisto’s warning at the end of One More Day, so will he remember his life before he made a trade to save Aunt May in exchange for his marriage? We’ll just have to wait for the story to unfold more.


As you can see from the picture above, Peter’s new costume is very menacing. With talons and the red/black color scheme, you can’t deny that this costume reminds you of Kaine’s Scarlet Spider suit. Peter is also angrier than usual, but that’s expected when you’re unexpectedly killed and then brought back to life. We will see a lot more interaction between him and Deadpool, as Spidey finally considered him a friend, but that was before the Merc with a Mouth killed him.

Despite all of their current disagreements, they have to team up to stop a common foe, Patient Zero.


The costume and the story are both awesome, so let’s see for how long will Peter rock this black attire!

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