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People Are Unsurprisingly Confused About Warframe Lore

Warframe is a third-person sci-fi shooter from the minds over at Digital Extremes. It sits as the 4th most played free-to-play game on Steam under titles like DOTA 2, Path of Exile, and Team Fortress 2. Needless to say, it has a huge player base and thus a lot of conversation circulates through the Warframe forums. One conversation in particular highlights a real struggle a lot of players have with the title, and that’s the lore, or lack there of.

This article will strive to not spoil any major plot points in the story thus far, but any links and outside sources will certainly have spoiler-y content. Browse at your own risk. With that said, for those who don’t know, the story of Warframe is rather convoluted and unclear. Even the Warframe Wikia isn’t entirely accepted in the community as 100% fact as seen by the comment section. With the ambiguity of most of the facts in the story missions mixed in with the ever-changing nature of the game in its perpetual Beta state, there’s really very little concrete information to hold onto.

Warframe Lotus

Here’s a quick rundown of what we know: you are one of the Tenno, a race of ancient beings that have mastered the use of Warframe armour. You were awoken from cryostasis by a mysterious figure called the Lotus who looks over you like a mother. The world around you is plagued by war and violence as different factions fight amongst themselves. We also know that Digital Extremes’s previous game, Dark Sector, is canonically linked to Warframe but it is not a direct prequel or connected to the actual story in any way. If anything, it is only linked because many of the names and ideas from Dark Sector have made it into Warframe.

Warframe ExcaliburHere’s what we don’t know: pretty much everything else. The story missions seem to raise more questions than they answer and as you can see by the replies to the Warframe forum post we mentioned earlier, the information we get from them is pretty hazy. While there is solid lore for the other factions and planets that can be read through codex entries in-game, it doesn’t really pertain to the player character and their personal story.

If DE really wants to create a world in which players feel involved and immersed, then there needs to be a focus on the story surrounding Lotus and the Tenno. Many players are hoping that we will get more story clarification from the upcoming open-world update but DE’s track record tells us that we’ll likely just leave more confused than we were before.

Personally, I love Warframe for the gameplay, and plenty other players seem to as well. I am, however, a lore nerd who is always excited for a story that makes sense. I’d love it if Warframe had that. What do you think about Warframe’s lore? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Ashley Kemp

Ashley was introduced to the world of video games by her Nerd-Family. A lover of all things RPG and MMO, she’s a self-proclaimed alt-oholic and is constantly dreaming up new characters and the background stories for them. She’s obsessed with the High Fantasy genre and thus plays a lot of the Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, and Witcher series.


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  1. You must like the game that much since there is a ton of stuff that is either explained or shown when you just play the game normally.

    Wortless article.

  2. Stop writing “Players” as in “everyone” This seems like an opinion more than actual facts.

    If you don’t understand the lore that’s your problem, but most people actually get it and talk about it actively in forums/Reddit.

    • My thoughts exactly. I had no trouble picking up on the story and lore. What many fail to understand is that D.E. purposely left, I am sure, mamy things unsaid, for the “mystery” and “imagination ” intents and purposes. I don’t need, nor want, every little detail told to me. I think it empowered me, the player, more by giving me enough info to know the basics, and run with the rest in my own thoughts. I swear, some people should just pay others to play for them, either that or never pick up a controller to begin with.

      • THIS. I love how everything is not clear-cut. The world of the Distant Future would seem weird and challenging for us to grasp. The way Warframe accounts for this makes it more immersive for me, not less.

  3. did you guys seriously just write the synopsis of the game as the lore YOU guys know?, there’s a lot of lore in the game, the diference is that you have to play the damn game to start getting it. worthless clickbait

    • Stole the words from my thoughts. Well said, tenno! Same thing I tried to tell some of my friends. “Warframe gives you what you put into it. Want answers? Then play the ******* game, otherwise s.t.f.u. and stop wasting my time because, “…heavy robotics signature detected. Lock and load.”

  4. It’s the Far Future. As a Tenno, you’ve just awakend from an amnesia-inducing stretch of hibernation, possibly lasting thousands of years. Now you’re reborn into a new world even more bizarre than the one you can’t remember. If it’s all a bit confusing, I’d say that’s to be expected.

  5. The things that are hazy are only the things that are really deep-down in the story, and that’s usually stuff a general player doesn’t need. Once you dig in, sure, it gets harder to understand, especially with a few drops in continuity, but the basics are really simple.
    Saying the codex doesn’t pertain to the player is just wrong, quite a few give insight into the Zariman Ten-Zero, and that’s all player backstory.
    If you’re going to whine about bad lore, discuss the full extent of the present lore and just say the article has spoilers instead of posting a whiny tidbit that can be punched through faster than a wet sheet of tissue paper.

  6. This article was posted on August 14, 2017. The forum post this article is based on was posted on August 13, 2017 and has only one page. The user that posted the forum post joined in August 1, 2017. Whoever posted in that thread also knew what they were talking about, despite the contention. Go figure.

  7. A. Game is released not beta.
    B. You have to be pretty thick if you’ve played the game and it’s story missions and still don’t know what’s going on.
    C. De has repeatedly stated dark sector is not canonically linked to warframe…

    Did you actually play this game at all or just read the steam page?

  8. I was confused later in the game, mainly during lotus related quests.

    The article writer also specified she didn’t want to spoil anything, so what more can she say? I mean I have someone ruin the back door of the ship for me, and I was pretty pissed…

  9. The article really gives the impression that you either did not play the quest missions or you weren’t paying attention while playing them. The best example of that is that you warn of spoilers but offer none. The fact that you mention that the player is a tenno in control of the warframes can be gathered from the factions sections on or from the text shown by the launcher when the game is first installing. Which really begs the question, have you actually played the game?

  10. Good morning,
    Ashley Kemp.

    After reading your article it came to my understanding that you might have missed most of the lore told while playing the 7 lore driven quest there is as of now (also much is told in the codex entries, cephalon fragments, events that newer player have missed, in the 3 current comic books DE has released and much more)

    I have been playing for the gameplay for 4 years and a couple months and been playing for the lore and to help lower level players for 3 years now.

    I would not mind taking you into a journey of wonder into the origin system if you contacted me on my email

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