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The PC Version Of No Man’s Sky Is Having Issues


There was a lot of hype surrounding No Man’s Sky, which set really high expectations for the game. The question now is, did it deliver? Well, the game’s having issues right now, as it stutters hard in the loading screen, and it has random frame-rate drops during gameplay. Now, that’s only if you set all of the graphic options to high, but that shouldn’t matter, as people who are reporting these problems are the ones with really powerful PCs. Being poorly optimized isn’t the only issue here.

The mouse and keyboard interface is also poorly done, as the cursor functions the same as on the consoles. This means that you have to hold down the mouse button on every single menu item you want to select, and then you have to wait for the wheel on your cursor to fill up. Some people can’t get back in the game once they alt-tab, so they had to exit the application and reload it, which means that they lose all their progress since their last restore point save, and that’s just dumb. You have to play in borderless to avoid that, but still, it should be fixed.

The game even crashes on startup for some people, and for some, it won’t even load. The developers are working hard to fix these issues, so let’s hope they do it fast!


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