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Payday 2 Team Host AMA For Upcoming VR Title

You may not realize it, but Payday 2 released over 5 years ago, and yet, it’s still a very relevant game. Why? Because the team at Starbreeze and OVERKILL work hard to keep it that way. They keep adding new content, new contracts, new heists to complete and more, and they keep improving the title so that it’s a well-oiled machine. And, they keep finding ways to innovate it, for example, they’re making a VR version of the game, because why not, right?

Payday 2 VR is set to enter beta soon, but given the games popularity and fan base, there’s a lot of questions by players. So, Starbreeze held a special Steam AMA to answer some questions. Here are some of the highlights from it.

First off, the game will be free to anyone who has Payday 2 already, all you’ll need is a HTC Vive. Though, if the Oculus gets enough asks, there could be a version for it too. As for movement, in the game, you’ll choose a location for your character to go to, and they’ll dash to that location.

Going back to the beta, the VR beta will have multiple stages, and each new version will add more content and updates to make the game more full and to test all aspects of it. As for the controls not related to movement, the team at OVERKILL and Starbreeze will release more information as the beta gets closer.

Also, though the setup will be new, the content will not. This is due to the fact that cross-play between the PC version of the game and the VR headset will be available. Thus, there will be no exclusive content for Payday 2 VR.

If playing this game in VR is appealing, but you haven’t played the game yet, there is a “Free-To-Play” session going on right now, and it’ll last until the 28th.

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