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Path Of Exile Teams With Twitch For Special Offer

It’s not uncommon for some very unlikely companies to team up in order to get business for both of their groups. For video games, you’d be surprised the combos that can come to light. Another has just surfaced in the form of Path of Exile and Twitch Prime. The popular action RPG is teaming up with the streaming service in order to offer a special slew of purple themed items to people who register for it, and then link that Twitch Prime account to their Path of Exile account.

It’s that simple. Plus, signing up for Twitch Prime is free the first month, and you can keep the items and effects once you get them, and then cancel Twitch Prime when you’re done! Win-win! So, what exactly are you getting for Path of Exile via this special offer? Well, you’ll get a special Purple Portal, a purple weapon effect, and even a Purple Footprint! So, if you’re into purple, this is the ultimate deal for you.

Now, you’ll have until June 19th to actually go and do this, so you have a little time if you want to make sure this is for you. What is Twitch Prime exactly? Well, it’s a special add-on service for those who have active Amazon Prime accounts. Through it, you’ll be able to get special features on Twitch exclusive to those that have Prime. For example, you can do advertisement free streaming, as well as getting special offers on games at discount and free add-on content.

To successfully get the purple items, here’s what you need to do. First, sign up for a Twitch Prime subscription. Then, log into Path of Exile and go this page, go back to, where there should be a crown at the top right of your screen, and click it. That’ll unlock everything.

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