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Path of Exile Teams Talk Breach and Legacy Leagues

Sometimes during game development, you make something that’s so special that everyone loves it. Now sure, you only intended it to be a limited time thing, but there’s just something about it that makes it unique, and gives it some lasting potential. Well, the team behind the action RPG Path of Exile have been dealing with those feelings recently. Two of the newest Leagues that they had have really resonated with gamers, and there’s been a lot of question about what comes next for them. Well now, we have the answers.

First up is the Breach League. This was the focused League from a little while back, and technically it never left after its time ran out because it became part of the Legacy League (more on that to come), so it was never gone…but it also wasn’t always there. So, to satisfy gamers, the Breach League will become part of the core mechanics in Path of Exile, The Breach League still will be added to 10% of maps, but will not be a part of main leveling content. This is because this particular League causes problems in that area.

Path of Exile

As for the Legacy League, this special set of gameplay styles was meant to show off the history of Path of Exile by letting you play Leagues gone by (including Breach League). So it was a beautiful trip down memory lane that served a good purpose on the way to update 3.0.0. That being said, there were some difficulties that gave the team pause, and because of that, Legacy League won’t be a part of the main mechanics going forward. That doesn’t mean you won’t see it again someday, just not in the immediate future.

Are you happy with this? Do you wish Legacy League was staying? Let us know in the comments below.

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