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Video game developers sometimes struggle trying to come up with new and unique content that’ll challenge their players. Mainly because they’re either trying to stick with what made their game great in the first place, or, it’s merely that a lot of other games have done similar things, and thus it’s hard to top what’s already been done. It’s through these thoughts that the team at Path of Exile created their Legacy Challenge League, and are releasing their Classic Mystery Box for players to enjoy.

As noted on their site, the Legacy Challenge League takes a look back at what made Path of Exile great, brings back some of the best hits, but then puts a twist on them to subvert expectations. Which brings us to the Classic Mystery Box. This is another attempt to bring “Nostalgia” back into the game via bringing 39 microtransactions from the past to the present.

What’s even more interesting, is that the team even took special care with how the Mystery Box looks, therefore making sure players enjoy it in every aspect. As for how you get your hands on it, you can purchase it with points. 30 to be exact, which is the “cost of the box itself”. However, what’s inside could range from a worth of 30 points, up to a whopping 450 points.

Now, you might be thinking, “Mystery Boxes are always unfair with the odds!”, and you may be right depending on the game you’re thinking of. The team at Path of Exile understand those fears and thus have adjusted the odds so that you can truly have the odds not only in your favor but fully known to you.

The items in the box go to one of three categories. Common, Uncommon, and Rare. You’ll have a 45% chance of getting Common items, 35% chance of getting Uncommon items, and a 25% chance of getting Rare ones.

There’s a lot of items in the Classic Mystery Box, and with the price and the odds disclosed, you might just want to test your luck.


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