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Path of Exile: 2.4x Patch Plans

Fans of the Action RPG Path of Exile will be enthused about the patches lined up for the next few weeks. These patches will allow players to use three new skills with the Channeling system. While there is no concrete date for the launch of this patch, as the skills are still undergoing some balancing.

path_of_exile_screenshot_47Most of the improvements to UI have already been finished, and are going through active QA.

The 2.4.3 patch will be a big one. The developers expect it to launch around a month before 2.5 so any problems can be resolved in advance. This will essentially allow for a 64 bit DirectX 11 executable. Once 2.5.0 launches, the developers wish to make DX11 the default for all computers able to run those settings.

For those who don’t know, Path of Exile is an Action RPG where emphasis is placed on a strong item economy and character customization. The game is completely free, so there are no fiscal worries to be found there. The developers have made sure to emphasize that the game does not follow a “pay to win” formula.

The 2.5.0 patch is set to launch in December, so keep an eye out for these smaller balance changes, over the next few weeks.

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