Paragon’s Newest Skin Is Undertow Gideon

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by Dante

Gideon is one of Paragon’s mages that has mobility, crowd control, and damage, making him a real threat if played correctly. If you’re a Gideon player, then you’re in for a treat, as the Undertow Gideon skin transforms our RiftMage into a skeleton!


Yes, that’s right, this Tier 3 skin comes with an amazing, detailed new model with crisp new visuals and even sound effects. They didn’t change the colors of his portals, but the dark purple color that Gideon’s abilities usually have fit perfectly with this skin.


Cosmic Rift, his Q, now drops a creepy-looking anchor instead of a meteor, and it looks as awesome as it sounds!


As you can see from the image above, his Torn Space also got a little something added to it to go along with the theme of the skin, and Gideon is looking as badass as it can get!


His R, Black Hole, also got some new animations, which look absolutely killer, but since it was hard to capture them in one picture, I suggest you go and watch the video showcasing the skin down below!


As you can see, the skin is simply stunning, so all Gideon players need to get this as soon as possible, heck, even if you don’t play Gideon a lot, you will when you get this skin!

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