The team behind the action-packed MOBA Paragon, Epic Games, has been promising new characters, including a slew of new ranged characters. Well, they’ve delivered, and have unveiled the first of these new ranged characters in the form of Revenant. Plus, the character is actually available to play right now in the Paragon demo. So once you learn more about him, feel free to go take him out for a test drive.

According to Epic Games, Revenant is a Fury/Corruption character and “is an unholy melding of malevolent spirit and vicious bounty hunter.” Primarily, Revenant relies on picking off enemies in order to collect bounties, snowballing kills into power as he progresses.

As for his abilities, he has a 4-round revolver that you can use to dish out damage, and once it’s empty, it automatically reloads. He also has an ability to reload at any point in time if you prefer, and it’ll also give you a bonus on your fourth shot, just for effect.

For extra damage, you can use his Scar ability, which will put Dark Energy into a foe, and when you attack said foe, it’ll dish out even more damage. If you’re in a pinch and want to attack a bunch of enemies, his Obliterate skill is handy. He’ll launch projectiles to attack foes in front of him. But be warned, it’ll randomly choose who to attack.

Then, like a true epic (and dark) cowboy, you’ll also have the chance to take an opponent to the Nether Realm for a duel, Paragon style. If Revenant wins, he’ll get the bounty and a bonus card.

More characters will be cycling out about every 3 weeks according to Epic Games, and there will be more ranged characters like Revenant coming. So test him out now, and see if he’s your cup of flaming tea.


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