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Paragon: The Largest Update Ever

maxresdefaultEpic Games announced that next week will be a big week for Paragon. The new update is bringing a ton of new content that will bring Paragon to a completely new level. Heroes are getting a bunch of adjustments, gameplay will be more balanced and Card Experience will be tweaked, for better distribution between teammates.

As we said earlier, the heroes are getting quite a rework. The reason why we focus on this is because we think this will have a huge impact on the game. A decision was made that all passive abilities need to be removed from the game. Is this a good decision? Only time will tell. For now, let’s just hope they know what they are doing.

Now let’s talk about something that is new in the game. A new game mode, Draft Mode, will be available the moment the new update is live. The aim was to reduce queue time and to increase matchmaking quality. Regarding Hero picking in this mode, it will be available right after all 10 players are in the lobby. Even though this is something most MOBA players are used to, this will definitely make Paragon a better game. Additionally, new skins and cards will be available in the store.


Since developers said that this update will be marked as the largest update released so far, we can tell you only this, they are not lying. The list of overall changes is really big so if you are interested in something particular, you can find it here.

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