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Paragon Becoming Free On Playstation 4

If you are by any chance a Playstation Plus member, then you will love this. Epic Games announced that Paragon Starter Pack for Playstation 4 will be free in July’s PlayStation Plus free game lineup. You will have a whole month to claim your copy of Starter Pack and you’ll be able to enjoy it indefinitely. Unlike free weekend versions, this one does not have a time stamp.


The Starter Pack consists of Early Access and additional bonuses that will definitely light up your day. This offer will become live on July 5th, just in time for the beginning of a “Month of Events”. Since Epic Games plan to release new events every week, this will definitely be a good start for something big. We are 100% sure that this will bring many new players to the game, especially if they are Playstation Plus members.

But, don’t worry if you are not, because you’ll get your chance to grab Paragon later. To be more precise, on August 16th Paragon will become free for those players who don’t own a Playstation Plus membership.


As mentioned earlier, Paragon is preparing for many events that are on the way. If you want to know the whole list, you can check it out right here. Many experience and Rep boosts await, so don’t be a stranger and come to the Paragon battlefield.

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