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Paladins Reveals New Character In Newest Patch Notes

Paladins, the MOBA title that is currently in beta, is working hard with its players to ensure the game is quality before it launches. As such, they constantly go through updates and additions and give out Patch Notes to make sure players know what has changed, or what has been added. The latest patch has been released, and with it comes a brand new character in the form of Lex.

Lex is known as the “Right Hand of Justice”, and like all characters in Paladins, he has his own set of abilities and skills. For example, his main weapon is a dual set of Magnums, which can cause 700 damage and fire every .7 seconds. Your other abilities include being able to hit your target with perfect aim to cause damage severe damage, being able to slide out of the way of enemy fire, and charging up your attack so that you can a player if they’re under 65% health.

Like other characters in the game, Lex has a wide variety of Cards that can be used in battle. Ranging from improving his movement speed to protecting him from enemy spells or debuffs, reloading his magnums faster, reducing cooldown, and much more.


The addition of Lex wasn’t the only improvement in Paladins. The game will now let you disenchant your cards in order for you to get Essence. However, there’s a catch, if you do so, you’ll lose that card, and if you have that card in any of your decks, your deck will be automatically deactivated until the card is replaced.

Also, a new map has been added in Co-Op mode, the Minefield, in which you’ll have to be careful as you progress through the area, for mines are everywhere, and can cause serious damage to you if tripped. Finally, there were a load of bug fixes and tweaks to the Champions themselves. You’ll want to check these out for sure to see if your champion has been altered.

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