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Paladins – Open Beta Available on Steam

Hi-Rez Studios, mostly known for their famous MOBA Smite, have been working on Paladins: Champions of the Realm for a while now. It is a free to play team-based FPS with a roster of 17 champions. Paladins has been in closed beta for almost a year now, and recently the team at Hi-Rez Studios decided that the time has come for the game to be released in open beta.


As it steps into open beta, the game has been updated with many new additions to the game. For example, a new interface, improved item system and match lobby, a new ranked queue with leaderboards, and a third map called Enchanted Forest. Besides these features, players can combine head, body, and weapon skins on each champion.

Hi-Rez Studios have mentioned that they are planning on making servers in key locations across America, Southeast Asia, Australia, and Europe. They have also mentioned that the game will be in Early Access until they feel that it’s ready and that it will always be free to play

Valve in collaboration with Paladins has made a Team Fortress 2 Engineer skin for the players to earn. To unlock this skin, players will have to win 5 games with Barik through Steam.

If you are interested in playing Paladins, visit their official site or Steam.

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