MOBA’s have become quite the hit lately. A lot of them are trying to get themselves among the giants like Leauge of Legends,DotA 2 and even SMITE, but can they make it?

Today we are looking at 2 specific ones: Paladin and Paragon.

Let’s talk about Paladin first, made by Hi-Rez Studios, yes the same ones that made SMITE. They are really getting into those MOBA’s, trying to make and update 2 of them at the same time.


A team-based shooter who focuses  strategy elements and unique character progression through decks. Yes, you collect various cards that boost your abilities. Quite an interesting twist on skills, which can yield really specific and quirky builds. The goal is the same as in any MOBA, you fight another team with the intent to destroy their base while protecting yours. Players characters will have a primary  weapon, a set of abilities who are either combat or movement oriented, and you also get a personal mount which you will use to maneuver around the battlefield. On top of that, you get your deck full of special cards which will boost your abilities.




The other one is Paragon,a gorgeous third-person MOBA from Epic Games. The objective is again, to destroy the opponents base( called core in Paragon) while preventing the destruction of your own. The thing about this game is that its graphics are absolutely mesmerizing.


Watching this your jaw probably hit the ground, as the special effects, the characters, the scenery, everything in this game is just so beautiful to look at.  Paragon was made using the latest version of Unreal Engine 4. The level-up system is again, something new. Akin to Paladins, you use cards to add special, possibly devastating effects to your abilities. The cards are purchased by Amber, an in-game currency which is earned by killing your foes and collecting it off their dead body.


Both games are fairly similar in their card boosting system. Choosing one or the other would be rather difficult. Paladins is a first-person-shooter who allows you to shoot and attack freely, making it skill-based as you can dodge projectiles mid-air. Paragon is a third-person-shooter and it’s more traditional, as you can only launch attacks if you’re close to your enemy. Paladins will also be free-to-play while Paragon will be a purchasable title. The difference in graphics is also apparent, but it also means that you’re going to need a really powerful PC to run Paragon, while Paladins’ graphics are okay, so you won’t need a beast of a PC to run it.

Both games are amazing in their own rights, and it’s up to the players to decide which one is better!


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