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Would Overwatch Work As A TV Series?

Recently, Blizzard revealed that they were interested in making an animated film about their highly popular game Overwatch. Now, by “animated film” we mean like feature-length film, one that could be shown in theaters. The team at Blizzard have already made many mini-movies featuring the characters of their game, but this film would likely be much grander in scale and lore. But, some in the fanbase think that though a movie would be great, a TV series might work better for it.

In fact, Redditor nightzhade_ likes the idea of how Star Wars did the Clone Wars cartoon (the second one). Ironically, that one also started off with a movie, but then became a TV series that lasted 6 seasons, which is no small feat.

So, could it work? Of course it could! One of the few problems with Overwatch is that the lore at times is put on hold for action. Most of what we know about these characters are either in text, spoken lines, or in these animated shorts.

That’s where this potential TV series could excel, it could film in the gaps that we don’t know about. Or, it could be the source of lore to push things forward. It could start with a history of Overwatch, the true rise and the fall. Then, once everyone is “caught up”, they could shift to when Winston recalls the team to action, and kick off the real main story there.

What this would allow is for the game to focus on the gameplay, while the TV show helps drive the story forward in exciting directions. All the while bringing new people to the game to try out the characters they now see on screen.

Whether this actually happens though is complete speculation, after all the movie itself isn’t even confirmed. But, it’s nice to think about such things, don’t you think?

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