The current limited time event in Overwatch allows players to experience an important time in the game’s lore. Lasting through until May 1st, Overwatch fans who participate in Uprising will take on a mission in King’s Row, including Tracer as a new recruit, as the strike team attempt to prevent the uprising once and for all. As with other limited time events, Uprising offers loot boxes, rewarding players with new skins, emotes, highlights and sprays based on in this case the history of Overwatch.

The desire for PvE elements from the Overwatch community is nothing new to Blizzard, so it comes as no surprise that suggestions have come forward following the introduction of Uprising. In fact, it has become a hot topic of discussion on Reddit, with one user suggesting the possibility of utilizing Uprising as a tutorial mission for new Overwatch players.

ToughMochi posted:

I couldn’t help but notice how this event brings in all the basics of Overwatch and how it would be a great tutorial mode for new players getting introduced to the mechanics and lore (albeit tweaked for much easier difficulty).

The post, which you can find on Reddit, continues to outline how it can help new players with game basics, hero types and gameplay in general. I find myself included in the desire to see more PvE content to be introduced to Overwatch, though some may argue that the PvE approach doesn’t necessarily help you prepare enough for the multiplayer aspect, given how real-life players perform differently to AI. Having said that, it could be a neat permanent fixture to help newcomers get to grips with the bare basics, whilst learning about the history of the game at the same time.

Would you like to see Uprising become a part of the tutorial? Let us know in the comments section below.


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