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Overwatch Player Apologizes for Trolling, Jeff Kaplan Responds

Yesterday, we saw a poorly attempted trolling shut down by Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan. In case you missed it, user SharkyMarky posted a thread on the official Overwatch forums calling out the development team behind Overwatch, questioning whether they actually play the game at all.

It was clearly something that was set out to troll the team, lacking any kind of sustenance other than a simple “nuff said” as a follow up. This prompted a response from Kaplan, who pointed out that he (obviously) plays the game, has won over 800 games more than the user, and that’s not including time spent in tests. Kaplan ending his response with an appropriate burn, signing off with:

“Did you have a specific question or are you just here trolling?”

There has since been a development between both SharkyMarky and Kaplan, as the former took to Reddit to explain his actions, as well as outline what happened when he managed to get into contact with the Overwatch director. Through Blizzard support, SharkyMarky was able to convey his apology, whilst putting forward suggestions on how to improve Widowmaker, who’s issues had been the catalyst for getting him riled up in the first place.

According to the Reddit post, which provided dropbox images as proof, Kaplan responded with a lengthy apology of his own:

“I’m sorry for calling you out publicly on our forums. It was unprofessional and lacked good judgement on my part. To explain (and not excuse) what I did, I was simply feeling worn down at the moment. My team and my company care so much about feedback.”

Kaplan continues to go on to emphasize how important community feedback is to Blizzard, and you can read the entire post by SharkyMarky over on Reddit. It seems all is well once more where this situation is concerned at least.

Written by Ham

Ham is a video games journalist, musician and a rookie Twitch streamer. Playing everything from 2D platformers to MMORPGs, Ham enjoys bringing news from all forms of games to the masses. Favourite game series’ include Dark Souls, Diablo, Grand Theft Auto and Borderlands.

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