Overwatch is quickly coming upon its one-year anniversary, and through it, players are expecting some very special content. Well, after much speculation and worry, Blizzard has confirmed that there will be a special event, but they didn’t detail how yet. What they have given us is just as curious, and just as fun. Because apparently, there will be lots of fun little changes and some fun big changes.

First up, a teaser has revealed that some characters will get new dialogue lines, along with some new dance emotes. You know, expanding the character a little bit. And while that’s nice, Overwatch fans are expecting something more. Well, thanks to Twitter, we got more. For if this official tweet is to be believed (and it likely should be, given who tweeted it), then Overwatch is getting some new Arena Maps. Better yet, they also gave a teaser for them.

But that’s not all, they’re also teasing new special skins for characters like Bastion, Pharah, Soldier 76 and Zarya. And yes, they gave a teaser for that too.

So as you can see, Blizzard is thinking big with this anniversary event, and since you know there’s something else coming, you can likely expect more and more teases as we draw closer to May 23rd when the event kicks off. If you haven’t tried Overwatch yourself, you can use this anniversary to your benefit, because the game will actually be free to play from the 26th-29th. So if you want to see what all the hype is about, then is a good chance to do it.


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