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Overwatch Specific Launch Time Announced

Overwatch’s long-awaited official launch is almost here! Blizzard had previously announced that Overwatch would be available for play on May 24th, but did not disclose the exact time. A recent post by Blizzard answers that question, and much more. The post states that Overwatch is going live on both May 23rd and 24th. The previous statement sounds impossible, but is actually true when taking time-zones into consideration.

Blizzard plans to launch Overwatch at the same global time, exactly the same way they handled the Open Beta launch, meaning that the actual release date depends on your location. When Blizzard initially announced May 24th as the official release date, their statement only applied to locations east of, and including, London. For someone living in North America, they can actually begin playing as early as 4 p.m. on May 23rd, if they live in the PDT time-zone. Two reference guides of the time Overwatch will be available in various time-zones are provided below for your convenience:

Overwatch - Launch Reference Guide

Overwatch - Release Times

The post which contained the launch times also serves as a complete guide to purchasing, downloading, and launching Overwatch. Make sure to closely read the post in its entirety to avoid any delays with getting into the action. If you have not already bought into the hype, watching the four hero-focused animated shorts, RecallAliveDragons, and Hero by Blizzard will surely change your mind. Your watch is almost here, the only remaining question is: are you ready?


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