Overwatch is renowned for its popularity, and with such popularity there is bound to be a few bad eggs popping up here and there. Unfortunately for this game in particular, it has become quite well known for its toxic community of players, which sees harassment of teammates and players quitting early an a frequent basis.

This is something that Blizzard are currently working hard to rectify, by ensuring that the game is as balanced as possible. This follows a number of complaints on the official Overwatch forums, which is something we see all of the time. If you’re not playing with people that you know, then the Blizzard shooter can become a frustrating experience. Its often hard to tell whether there’s any real motivation as to why players are reporting others, whether its actually down to throwing the game purposely, or reporting for the sake of it.

After a player criticized the system in place as completely ineffective, game director Jeff Kaplan replied that Overwatch won’t silence reported players for throwing games any more, and that “there is a post coming about updates to the punishment system coming soon.”

This is a feature that is thankfully going to be fixed, since this is a growing issue that’s been going on for quite some time now. The Overwatch community’s reputation is becoming more and more associated with a high amount of toxicity, so hopefully Blizzard’s new implemented methods will be something that can help fix this.

More details on the new system is set to be revealed soon.


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