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Overwatch Players Defend PTR Server

For video gamers, there is one thing that we subconsciously ask developers when they make a game. That is to say that it shouldn’t have to be spoken, because it’s a necessary thing. That thing is that the game shouldn’t be buggy. Or, if you add things to the game after launch, it should be thoroughly tested out so that it doesn’t have noticeable glitches. Different companies have different ways of testing out this very thing, but sadly, some people don’t appreciate the process to make the game great. This is something that has been brought up for Overwatch.

With the announcement of Doomfist, a lot of people are eager to get their hands on him in the real game. However, Blizzard has put the character on the PTR (Public Test Realm) to work some of the bugs out and ensure the character is truly ready to be in the title. This has caused some fans to be angry, as they want Doomfist now. What’s worse, those on the PTR aren’t helping out the process. This has upset Overwatch players and Reddit users, like Tonic Thunder:

“Give Blizzard constructive criticism. “Doomfist sucks now” doesn’t really say much. Apply reasoning if you want real results.”

As she notes, this version of Doomfist is still buggy. That’s why it’s on the PTR, so that players can test it in a way that Blizzard might not. Then changes will be made until he is very balanced, and then and only then will he be uploaded to the main Overwatch game.

While some were overly negative about the process still, some were more inclined to agree with TonicThunder. They even noted that the bugs players report is a way of actually helping develop the game itself.

So please be patient. After all, you’ve waited this long to get Doomfist, what’s wrong with waiting a little more to make sure he’s ready?

Written by GlyphMasterson

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