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Overwatch Players Concerned About Pharmercy Team-Up

In games where you have the option to work with other players, you often find strategies and combos that on their own could not be achieved. In a way, this is a true delight of gameplay, as you get to test things that may the developers of the titles wouldn’t have thought about and make something rather cool. This certain happens in Overwatch where teams often play with each member being a unique character, which can lead to some interesting team-ups. Unfortunately, sometimes this can lead to very OP combos.

One such combo is Pharmercy (get it?) which puts fan-favorite characters Pharah and Mercy together in a way that makes for a very effective tag team. The long-and-short of it is that Pharah is the killer, and she’s very good at that, while Mercy heals any damage Pharah takes while also boosting her damage. For some Overwatch players, this can be a buzzkill, as the combo can be hard to beat. If you don’t believe me, listen to user Elemental, who goes at length about the power these two have together against people like him who play as characters like McCree and Solider 76:

“As a hitscan player i believe that the pharmercy combo is OP and there needs to be something done with it.”

What’s worse for him isn’t the beatdowns he gets, but rather that his team just tells him to “take our Mercy” and don’t offer to help, meaning he’s on his own against a power one-two punch, not cool.

Pharah Overwatch

A lot of Overwatch players were up for consoling Elemental, and noting their own displeasure with the combo, but also, they note there are ways to beat them. One of the big ways though is through teamwork, and using that teamwork to pick them off. Though they admit that Mercy should be the first target, they also admit that without teamwork, that’s very hard to do.

Others just straight up don’t like it:

“But yeah Pharmercy is dumb, and requires infinitely less skill to play than it does to counter it,” says Rain3D.

There is some division as to whether the combo should be nerfed somehow, or whether characters should be boosted to handle this, but that could create some unfortunate events if done improperly. Where do you fall in on all of this?

Written by GlyphMasterson

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