Overwatch Players Concerned Over D.Va Nerf

Nerfs are certainly a hot topic for the Blizzard shooter Overwatch right now. The recent adjustments being made to Roadhog’s hook ability split the community on whether or not...

Nerfs are certainly a hot topic for the Blizzard shooter Overwatch right now. The recent adjustments being made to Roadhog’s hook ability split the community on whether or not it was a positive or negative adjustment for the hero, and now it appears that D.Va will be getting a similar treatment.

Whilst there has been a call for D.Va to be nerfed for a while, players who have participated in the PTR have expressed concern at the vulnerability of the mech-pilot. A thread has been opened on the official Overwatch forums by user TheSEAWolf, who stated: “As a DPS main who play 76/Reaper/Ana and other characters that D.va can go toe to toe against in a 1v1, Bliz should really ease the nerf bat on her, and see how the Ana nerf plays out before nerf her again. Playing her on PTR and listen to pros like Emongg of Selfless Gaming talking about how fragile D.va is right now is really making me worry for the state of D.va, who have been stuck in the dumpster tier for a large part of the game until recently.”

DPS (damage per second) characters will apparently now be able to do more than just stand up to D.Va, but will also be able to take her out reasonably easily. For those unaware, the recent changes to D.Va include an increase in her health and but decreases her armor, whilst the bullets fired will be less powerful, though more will be fired.

This prompted responses from several community members, including DannyCamz who called on the developers to respond: “Where are the devs? Are you guys reading any feedback??? Or are you just going to ignore all that’s being said and just pretend that everything is fine? Wake up!”. Other posts predominantly agreed that the nerfs for D.Va were a generally bad thing, including user Spectre who believes that, “Nerfing her tanking ability will only make it worse and simply just continue the tank meta really.”

The continued discussion on D.Va rolls on, if you’d to share your opinion on the D.Va nerf let us know in the comments section below.



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  • mchain
    12 January 2017 at 10:04 am
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    The nerf is definitely a bad idea. It seems to be mostly in response to people complaining that she is OP, but most of these people (in my experience) have very little experience actually playing with her. A lot of these same people are complaining about the “tank meta”, of which they seem to think D.va is a contributing cause. Others seem to astutely note that a larger contributing factor to the tank meta is Ana, who should be addressed before any adjustments are made to the tanks.

    D.va is already readily countered by several of the DPS heroes. Soldier can stand up to her reasonably well, Tracer can cause her quite a lot of problems, and Reaper is often either a stalemate or will end in his favor unless the D.va player really knows what they’re doing. Nerfing her further would only make her that much more vulnerable. One need only compare her to Roadhog, Zarya or Reinhardt to see how much easier she is to deal with than some of the other tanks. A nerf will indeed put her back in the dumpster bin, so to speak.

    I think that the Roadhog issue is a different story. His hook is clearly broken, both as a user and as an opponent. While some are quick to rationalize the phenomenon of getting hooked through walls as a result of the “favor the shooter” mechanic in the game, I think it’s pretty obvious that that doesn’t even begin to explain why it’s so bad. On the flip side, hooking someone and having the hook fail on you is frustrating as a Roadhog user. So clearly, I think some fix is indeed in order.

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