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Overwatch: Picking Healer Heroes Should be Encouraged

When you are attempting to play Overwatch on your own without a solid group, you will quickly realize that you have two choices. You either pick a healer and give up on playing as your favorite hero, or watch your team lose too often to be fun.

Whether you are playing competitive or quick play, you will commonly run into those lovely teammates who start off a match by typing into the chat 2-2-2. These caring players usually pick something that one might consider slightly useless or perhaps not the best of choices for the given scenario. These messages are usually ignored, and everyone picks their personal favorite, resulting in a setup that is not ideal for anything or anyone.

Blizzard has encountered this issue in World of Warcraft before, or at least managed to realize that healers and tanks should be given some form of motivation. They attempted to solve this by adding bonus rewards for those queuing up as one of those two roles. In Overwatch, tank roles seem to be quite popular, but when it comes to Mercy or Lucio, you’ll find them to be not exactly the most beloved heroes, especially when flying solo. So Blizz, how about giving players something to heal for? Winning does not seem to be motivating enough to get someone to sacrifice their personal favorite. Could a bonus reward for healers improve the shape of common setups?

Well, this could conclude in two ways. The reward could be motivating enough for at least some bonus-hungry players to go with healers, but I would probably expect to see an avalanche of complaints on official forums about how unfair this is towards non-healer roles. So what can we do? Are we forced to always play with pre-made groups that we know will make the right choices?

Mercy - Healer Roles in Overwatch - MMOExaminer

The way things are now in Overwatch, it is highly unlikely that players can achieve an extraordinary rating without teaming up with some sensible people who know that picking the right role is a must, which is of course, a good motivation to make friends but also a factor that kind of sucks for those who just want to be left alone. Evidently, there are rare cases when you are lucky enough to end up with efficient setups, but even then, the lack of communication, teamwork and good timing of ultimates can result in a defeat, and some kind remarks about one’s mother and cancer.

The way I see it, one possible working solution at the moment is providing extra rewards for crucial roles, perhaps not just healers to keep things fair, and keep hoping that this will be enough for players to give up on that Hanzo or Sombra, and pick a healer that can turn the tide. If such feature is not introduced, premade groups will almost always dominate, especially in competitive mode, where a Defeat not only results in a sad face.

What do you guys think? Should Blizzard come up with a new way to get people to play as one of the crucial healer roles? Let us know in the comments section below.

Written by Daniel Csaki

Daniel, Founder of MMOExaminer, is an experienced gaming and tech journalist with a Bachelor in Communication and Journalism. Beyond his dedication to writing, he is an eager MMORPG enthusiast and a regular keyboard-smasher. When not writing, you can spot him in MMOs like Aion, ArcheAge, APB and he tends to suffer from the well-known “with or without you” WoW relationship. Besides MMO games, Daniel loves playing retro RPGs with his fiancée.

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