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Does Overwatch Need An Anti-Air/Flank Character?

The problem with a game like Overwatch is that it needs constant tweaking. That’s not a bad thing per se, as not having this tweaking leads to unfair gameplay, but it can also lead to unforeseen consequences that causes the fanbase to get into an uproar. One such consequence has happened around the characters of Pharah and Soldier 76. Not only are players calling¬†for change, but for an all new character to be put into Overwatch. Or more specifically, a specific class of character.

This comes from player Antix on, who has stated that a recent nerfing of Soldier 76 has caused the character Pharah to become pretty much unstoppable in battle, especially when paired up with Mercy. Now, it’s not that he doesn’t agree with the nerfing, he actually does, but in doing so it creates an imbalance in the game that is not easily fixed or adjusted for:

“The characters that come closest to being a counters require more skill than Pharah does to play well, and many are not really in a good place overall.”





McCree Overwatch

So what is his solution? Well, it’s two-fold. One option is to fix McCree, who could serve the role of an anti-air/flank character needed to beat Pharah. The other is to create an all-new character to fill the void that is within the game. Or do both. Antix likes that option best. In fact, a lot of Overwatch players on like that idea.

“Fix Mcree and get a new character. I like them options.” states TheNewGinger.

Now, it’s easy to think that this could just be the complaints of a few players. However, Antix backed up his claim by noting that Overbuff (who documents Overwatch matches and results) documented that during the month of May, Pharah had the highest win rate among offensive heroes in the game regardless of skill level. That says there may be something to this.

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