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Should Overwatch Mimic Other Multiplayer Games’ HUDs?

Recently, we did a piece about the potential Health Bars that are going to be put into Overwatch. These are being tested in the PTR, and thus could arrive at any future update. Since this reveal, many Overwatch fans have come forward and offered their thoughts on this. But for some, they offer more insight on what should happen.

For user xVeNo0Mx, he believes that gamers should have a “suggestion” thread that Blizzard can see, and thus know what fans truly want. In regards to Overwatch, not only does he want the health bars, but he wants a HUD (heads-up display) to help in combat more than the current one does. Why? Because to him, communication between players is a big problem in Overwatch.

How so? Well, think about it like this, there are players from all over the world playing Overwatch, right? What happens if you’re playing online, and you get a person who doesn’t have a mic? Or, has a mic, but doesn’t speak the same language. OR, has a mic, speaks your language, but doesn’t want to chat, or listen to your suggestions. See the problem?

“All I’d really like is a little “distance” meter shown above the cursor…” –LilPuddin

So what’s the solution? Well, improve the HUD. He referenced games like Heroes Of The Storm, League of Legends, and Rainbow Six: Siege to suggest ideas on how to make the HUD so informative, without cluttering the screen, that it can overcome any language barrier or personal issues that could prevent direct communication. For as he notes, the more lack of communication, the more losses you’re going to have.

He suggests having a distance bar to tell you where your allies are, and indicators for it and the potential health bars that’ll tell you if your ally is in danger. Add that to the BIG help the Health Bars could, and you got a much more strategic game on your hands, without a single word being uttered.

Would you want such things in Overwatch? Let us know!

Written by GlyphMasterson

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