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Overwatch: First Cheats Have Arrived

uberwatch_960x540_staticOverwatch is finally live and players worldwide are more than happy with the game! But, it seems that this few day was enough for some people to develop a cheating program. From what we’ve heard, the cheat developing team is none other than the team who caused Blizzard plenty of headaches in WoW.

The cheat is fairly simple. They call it the Watchover Tyrant and as it seems, the cheat is an ESP tool, which grants you the vision to see each and every player on the map. Whether it’s your friend or foe. This cheat ultimately kills “the element of surprise”, as MMOSite described it, so no more ambush kills with Genji, Reaper or Tracer. And not to mention Widowmaker. If this lasts, people will, most likely, find her set of skills unwanted.
As we don’t support this kind of gameplay, you won’t find a link for this cheat anywhere on this site. But, you can check what Blizzard has to say for all the cheaters. We talked about it while Overwatch was still in the Beta, and you can find the article here.
We are still waiting for Blizzards reaction to all this, but in the meantime, let’s hope this cheat won’t conquer the game.
Tell us what you think about this. Do you approve this type of gameplay? Let us know in the comments!
Source: MMOSite

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