Overwatch Fans Give Thanks to Blizzard After Trolling Incident

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Within the recent exchange that we reported on between a forum poster and Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan, you couldn’t help (or at least I couldn’t) but feel sorry for both himself and the team behind the game. Overwatch is often under scrutiny on one platform or another for whatever reason, and this weak trolling attempt that held very little water or reasoning whatsoever is bound to get under someone’s skin.

In his apology to the forum troll, Kaplan states that he is “feeling worn down” and gets “frustrated and annoyed” when players decide to take jabs at the team without good reason. Kaplan was well within his rights to shut down the forum poster, but nevertheless he displayed utmost professionalism and explained his actions anyway.

After reading this, one user took to Reddit to take the time to thank Kaplan and the team behind their beloved Blizzard shooter, after taking on board how difficult it must be to get constant criticism without good reason. After acknowledging what a difficult task Kaplan faces from the playerbase, Deadlibor posted:

“Thank you Overwatch team, I love what you are doing, I’m proud of you all, and if you are feeling down, I do care.”

Not only did this prompt a response from many Overwatch players on Reddit to give their thanks to Blizz, but Kaplan himself also gave a response of his own to show his gratitude:

“You guys are so awesome. Thanks for this post.
I am just one tiny part of an amazing team of Artists, Producers, Programmers, Designers and Audio experts (not to mention all of the support teams that help us).”

He continued to thank fans for the “best community a game could ask for”, and emphasized what a team effort it really is.

Hopefully this will put the whole situation to bed now, and from a personal standpoint, we’d like to give Jeff Kaplan and the team thanks for bringing Overwatch to life.

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